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If you are a retail customer and have wandered into this section, I wish to redirect you to:  This section is for Businesses who carry our products or wish to carry our products and there is a requred minimum purchase. However if you as a retail customer wish to purchase in volume in order to sell our most unique hand made products please contact us at  915 857-8973 or email at: because we do offer Wholesale to the Public for those wanting to enter into business and promote and sell our Maguey Weaves products. For Businesses wanting  information on International purchases, please also contact us at the above information.


Agave Double Scrubbers

on SALE for all

retail and wholesale orders

Natural Bath Tools


​​Natural Ayate Washcloth, 
Agave Backscubber, Pumice 
stone, Round Agave Scrubbers,
Terra Cotta footscrubbers, Cotton and Jute gift bags and spa bags.


Papel Picado


Day of the Dead, Christmas, 
Religious, Weddings, Festive,
Clowns, Dia del Nino, Place 
Settings, Mexico-USA patriotic, 
Valentine's Day- in multiple 
colors and Metallic paper.


Hand Made Decor


Candleholders, Bookmarks,
Mortar and Pestle, Molinillo 
and Chocolate, Cambaya, 
Terra Cotta items,  Onyx 
Luminairy, Hand Made bags, Baskets, Copal Incense.


Gift Sets


Which come in a Hand Blown Vase, Rustic Treee bark, Galvanized Silver, Valentine's Spring & Christmas Bath Sets in a variaty of colors, Fruit candles, Natural Cotton and Jute Wine Bags.

Christmas & Religious


Our Lady of Guadalupe Images on Ayate Cloth, Nativity Set, Hand carved Angel Decoration, Hand Painted tree ornaments, 

Onyx Luminairy.


For all international orders, you will be contacted via e-mail by Maguey Weaves personnel and your shipping charge will be tabulated according to your country of destination.   Thank you !

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